My English

Do you want to know a little bit more about Phonetics?
This site will show you the correct pronunciation of those little and, sometimes, incomprehensible symbols next to a word in dictionaries.
Listen to English
For those into podcasting, this is a very good site with many audio articles about current events.
Business English Resources
Here you can find business letters, vocabulary and many more resources for the business environment.
How do I pronounce it?
In this site you just have to type the word (sometimes a short phrase) and you'll receive the correct English pronunciation.
List of irregular verbs
Find them here. Test your knowledge and practice until you become an expert.
Say it right!
In this page you will find a collection of functions in English. The CORRECT and INCORRECT way to say many things.
Survival English Kit
You will find a nice set of different daily tasks that need special English Vocabulary.
A nice collection of idioms
Article - Improving your English vocabulary
In this page you will find tips and suggestions that will help you improve your English Vocabulary.
Grammar and Tenses -
Toefl Vocabulary Quiz
English Listening Language Lab Online - Learn English Naturally
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